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Chimney Stack Scaffolding South Wales 

Much of the architecture in Wales dates back as far as the 14th century. From old townhouses to farmhouses and public buildings, many of these impressive old properties have spires, high clock towers and tall chimney stacks.

Steve’s Scaffolding is often called upon to scaffold these old chimney stacks across South Wales, preparing the stacks for maintenance, repairs, or to be demolished.

Why Scaffold Chimney Stacks?

The most important reason chimney stacks across South Wales require professionally erected scaffolding is health and safety. Few people survive falling from even a single storey roof without serious injury. Trying to undertake any form of roof work using just a ridge ladder is tempting fate.

Make an Enquiry About Chimney Stack Scaffolding

Chimney stack scaffolding should be erected prior to adding a new flue to an existing stack, repairing/replacing existing flues, repairing or replacing chimney flashings, re-pointing old brickwork or demolishing an unsafe stack.

From a basic domestic chimney which requires scaffolding, to imposing old National Trust properties where the stack exits the roof on the ridge line, we have the equipment and teams of professional, highly experienced scaffolders to undertake all types of chimney scaffolding. Our services include:

• Chimney scaffolding for domestic properties.

• Chimney scaffolding on industrial and commercial properties.

• Chimney scaffolding for public and listed buildings.

• All external industrial stacks such as power stations or manufacturing plants.

How We Work:

No two roofs or chimney stacks are the same. From your initial enquiry, a site visit will be arranged to ascertain the level of scaffolding required for the chimney and the work to be carried out.

A scaffold tower will be erected from ground level to eaves with two plus metre lifts. Roof scaffolding will stretch to the base of the stack and over the ridge. A process is known as ‘saddling’, this will allow all-around access for the maintenance staff without the need to overstretch.

On very high stacks or furnace stacks from ground level, additional scaffolding will be added in two-metre lifts to the top of the stack.

Scaffolding is a highly specialised business. With the safety of not just those who undertake the scaffolding, but those who come after to work from the scaffolding at stake, there is no room for mistakes or errors.

If you require any work to be carried out on chimney stacks across South Wales please give us a call. All our scaffolding is checked for safety prior to it being used by your employees or contractors. Steve’s Scaffolding is fully insured against liability and third-party risks, and our staff are fully conversant with the latest health and safety legislation, highly skilled, and members of the CITB.